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Mastering the art of Board Services Management has been an extraordinary journey for me over the past 30+ years.

I’ve sat on both sides of the Board of Directors' fence, as an impactful collaborator, working alongside C-suite Executives and Board Directors in public and private corporations, and NFPs as a highly respected Board Services Manager. Consumer products, life insurance, publishing, child academic support, women’s crisis outreach, and developmental disabilities. I’ve learned so much about people and the world around me through these valuable experiences.

What I know for sure, is that dozens of crucial oversight elements must be addressed and managed to ensure organizations succeed in today’s harsh economic climate. Global corporate governance trends show that Independent Directors experience higher and higher levels of scrutiny around their accountabilities and roles in society each passing year. Investors and regulators have increased their expectations around the Board of Directors' oversight of corporate financial risks, transparency, cyber security, remuneration, diversity, culture; the list goes on and on. This means that prudent management of often complex operational administration, stakeholder communications, and reporting standards is essential.

This is where you can make a significant impact in your organization as a highly respected corporate governance administrator and manage board services, with accountabilities for developing and implementing company governance reporting standards and methodologies. Top C-suite administrators, Corporate Secretaries, and governance professionals that can manage, deliver, and actively participate in Board and Committee meetings, are highly sought after in all industries - worldwide. There has never been a better time to become a corporate governance professional.
I’ve created and established core procedures and liaised with the Board and Management in mainstream global enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. Over the years I’ve cultivated a disciplined approach to balancing all aspects of stakeholder interests, with accountabilities for developing and implementing company governance reporting standards and methodologies.

For me, implementing Board governance administration wasn’t always easy. Many times, I overcame hurdles through my own sheer ambition, tenacity, and perseverance, because there simply wasn’t a playbook available to follow. But each step of the way, those challenges became opportunities for me to develop successful strategies, skills, tools, formal processes, and effective procedures which I share with you in Boardroom Boss Bootcamp. This specialized course is your guide to developing a clear understanding of how to balance all aspects of stakeholder interests - while you advance your career. I’ll show you how to drive unlimited success with proven techniques that can be implemented over and over again.
I’m passionate about providing support and mentorship to my peers, emerging governance professionals, and Board or Corporate Secretaries to be confident, effective, and valued accountability partners to the Board and Executive Management team. My aim is to share my hard-earned knowledge and help bring meaning and purpose to your career. I can guide you on how to effectively support your colleagues and teams in highly pressurized environments.

I’m honoured to be part of your professional journey. Together, let’s build your confidence to become an effective, influential, and valued accountability partner to your Board and Senior Executive Management team.

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